Maricopa Creative
Maricopa Creative
Helping Phoenix area real estate agents better connect with home buyers through video marketing.

Helping real estate agents better connect with home buyers through photo & video marketing.


Phoenix, Arizona


Real estate agents are busy,

but you already knew that.

Today's consumers are driven by visuals.

A video tour and quality photos save you time

from showing a home to an iffy buyer.


Here's what our video looks like.

You can see our photography use throughout this page!





We don't pull numbers out of thin air.

We value our work by taking the property's value per square foot  ×  the number of bedrooms.

Photo starts $125

3 bedroom

+ $25 per additional bedroom

¢50 per mile of travel

Aerial photos $50

$600,000 Home

÷ 2,400 sqft

→ $250 per sqft

× 3 bedrooms

= $750 video.

$1,000,000 Home

÷ 4,000 sqft

→ $250 per sqft

×  4 bedrooms

= $1,000 video.

$1,600,000 Home

÷ 5,000 sqft

→ $320 per sqft

× 5 bedrooms

= $1,600 video.




A video tour costs approximately 1.5% of your commission. 

If a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is worth 24,000 words a second.

Any thing you want. We recommend Including it on your Zillow, Trulia etc,

upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, message the video to clients with smartphones,

Facebook boosted ad posts, or embed the video tour in email newsletters.




Communicate & Schedule

Order your video tour or photos through the new listing form, or begin by filling out our contact form so we can answer any questions you may have. We love to help and are open to exchanging emails or getting coffee!

We'll schedule a day in the near future and send out a Google Calendar invite. We can work whatever time of day works best for you! Depending on the size of the home, we'll be in and out in about 90 minutes.


Shoot & Turnaround

Be sure the home is ready to be shown to the camera! We'll record in 1080p or take 12.2 megapixel HDR photos. It's okay if you can't be there, garage codes or hidden keys are totally fine! We use drones too!

You will have your listing's video within 3 business days of when it was shot or photos with same day turn around. You'll receive the direct file for you to upload to your YouTube or Vimeo to embed on home finding websites.